Entering 2016, for me, is entering a decade of blogging. My first blog is Journey to His Words. Since entering the Emmaus Journey and I need to write my daily journal in a personal diary, I did not write in my online diary (read: blog). Some friends missed it. So, I think that 2016 is a time to restart my blog.

My new blog will host all my former blogs into one blog. My second blog was Buah Pena. This one is mostly about things that I wrote as a citizen reporter and as a blogger. There were also Buah Hati and Depot Ide. Now, I’m only going to differentiate it through pages; Citizen Journalism (mostly about citizen journalism as a media), and Gado-gado (mixed contents; opinion, article, private story, etc.).

Beside my personal blogs, I did write for citizen journalism websites. Sadly, OhmyNews International closed its international CJ website. Luckily, we can still assess the articles online. Bad news came from my other outlet; Wikimu.com, since they closed and did not maintain the online articles. Another website that is still ongoing, and even became bigger is Kompasiana, a part of the National daily Kompas.

I also write for Indonesiana, which is a part of Tempo. Yet, the Sunday edition of Harian Tempo is already ended.

For the time being, it seems that the citizen journalism website related to the mainstream media is the one that will survive. How long? Let idealism and time decide!






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