baliweddingTwo weeks ago I went to Bali to attend my cousin’s wedding. It was a very romantic wedding celebration in Bali Bohemia. I love the atmosphere of the garden party supported by the beautiful landscape and sunset background. A small bridge, stands over the pool, became the center of attention as the bride and the bridegroom exchanged their wedding vows.

I had a wonderful stay at Ubud Wana Resort. My hotel is just a short walking distance to the wedding venue, making it also a walking distance to the Monkey Forest. Yes, the Monkey Forest is in front of Bali Bohemia. So, I was able to visit the Monkey Forest before attending the wedding. It is a good thing to visit those monkey in the afternoon because they were all fed, and they won’t bother to disturb visitors for food. Yet, being careful should always in your mind!

I should spend more time in Ubud, yet I need to accommodate my eldest son’s needs in travelling. Actually we did not really go his way, but at least we went to several places.

Ray, my eldest son, had finished his Senior High School’s national exams. His two brothers were still in their schooling period. Being a good mother ;), I would not let them skip class 😀 It made the Bali journey a special time for a mom and her grown up teenage boy.

No wonder if Bali is called the island of the gods. Every house has their own place of worshipping, with community temples on the corner of the street.

As Indonesian, I found that Tegalalang Rice Terrace is something ordinary. That’s a common view in Java. I would like to see the special Subak system with lots of rice terraces. Sometimes, photos made things more attractive than the reality.

Yet, I found out that making an online booking for hotels is quite useful. This is the first time I used agoda.com and booking.com. Actually, it was my brother who did the booking using his membership, but I was the one who googling over the hotels and its reviews. I am happy with the result.

I took Grandmas Seminyak and Maxone Jimbaran as my two other resting destinations. I will write my short review in another blog post, but I can tell you that they are not far from my expectation. With their discounted price, it was worth staying there. From this trip I learned that I should stay more than a night in one hotel to be able to make the most out of my stay.

I did not have the chance to really see the mystical aura of Balinese dance. I thought that the performance are mostly to attract tourists, it kind of lost its magical aspects. I am lucky because I started my days in Bali with the wedding. There was a certain charm of the wedding ceremony and the beauty of Bali that contributed to a great personal impression on Bali.

I love the serenity while watching the sunrise, and was charmed by the magical colour of the sky during the sunset.

I think it is the calling from Bali. I was always close at heart to Bali, but I did not have the chance to remember it as a visitor. My childhood is sometimes a blank memory for me. There were times that I wanted to visit Bali, but there were always another reason to cancel the visit. This visit is really a valuable start for me. I do hope to have the chance to revisit this island of gods.



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