ubud-wanaUbud Wana Resort turned out to be really close to the wedding venue. I just need to walk to the other hotel to attend my cousin’s wedding. It is also a walking distance to the Monkey Forest.

Another surprise is its closeness to another museum; Museum Pendet. I am thankful to the friendly and informative hotel’s staff who told me about the existence of this museum. Without his information, I would just walk passing this small museum. Actually I already passed it on my way of exploration, but I looked more careful on my way back to the hotel as I was certain to the information given by the hotel staff.

The hotel staffs are friendly. As I wake up very early in the morning, one staff informed me that I might enjoy the sunrise from the rooftop. It was really awesome. I enjoyed the quiet morning of Ubud, listening to the birds while waiting for the sun to greet me. The rooftop gave me a chance to meditate in the fresh air of Bali.

On the contrary, my son enjoyed his good sleep and pampered himself with the luxury of waking up late. He also enjoyed the soft pillows and the nice bed while watching the television and chatting with his friends through Line.

The hotel provide a free shuttle bus to visit Ubud Palace and the traditional market. Yet, my schedule was tight, so I prefer to arrange for my own transportation to explore Bali.

Ubud Palace turned out not as exotic as I imagined it should be. I valued Museum Puri Lukisan as a great asset for Indonesia. I still have Don Antonio Blanco’s Museum and Neka Art Museum in my list, but I do not want my son to get bored with art. I hope I will have another chance to visit Ubud and its museums.

Museum Puri Lukisan was wonderful, it gave me an insight to the art development in Bali, especially in paintings, according to a certain era.

If we are used to the inexpensive ticket of most museums in Jakarta (only Rp.5.000,- for local tourist at the National Museum), this museum’s ticket is very expensive. I need to pay Rp. 85.000,- for one visitor. It is including a welcome drink at the end of our journey at the museum. Yet, the four main galleries are worth visited, and we were lucky as one museum staff entertained us with his play on Balinese musical instrument, Rindik.

I think they do need the ticket income to cover for their daily cost in running the museum and keeping it clean and worth visited.

I went to Tegalalang. Looking through my Indonesian eyes, Tegalalang is not really special. It is kind of a small rice field. Yet, the picture taken from this place was really nice. I think Bali has a magic spell given through its beautiful sky and environment.








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