I wonder what time did they start putting all of these beach seating, as I saw a different arrangement the night before (photo: Retty)

Four days and three nights, spent in three different hotels. Imagine… It was not an easy task to decide my destinations

This Bali trip was actually unplanned It was decided almost at the last minute. At least, at the deadline of the confirmation date to attend the wedding. Ubud should be the first destination. Then, where should I go?

Lots of interesting places were in my mind. I took my brother’s advice to visit Seminyak.

My brother uses agoda.com and booking.com for his online bookings. So, I spent hours googling the hotels and its review.

The most important criteria is the budget. It should be a budget hotel. Then, in Seminyak, it should be close enough to the beach.


Seminyak offers varieties of traditional massage, in the hotel or other places…also at the beach (photo:Retty)

Grandmas Seminyak Hotel seemed to fit those criteria. There were a lot of reviews, with a very good rating. There were also complains, but I thought that the location is more important.

It was not difficult to find the hotel. To my great pleasure, it is really in a walking distance to the beach.

No sandals, no toiletries, no electric kettle… After a cozy Ubud Wana Resort that provide us with hair dryer, this was another experience. It goes with the budget…

The hotel staff was kind and helpful. She offered us to use the hotel’s bicycles. It is a free service from the hotel. Yet, we prefer to enjoy a morning walk on the beach

The room is very small, the smallest room of a budget hotel that I’ve ever stayed in. It has a small window which give us the sight of the outside situation. Yet, we had a very good sleep.

Another good thing is the safety box provided in the room. Travelers, especially those who would like to enjoy the beach are surely need a safety box to have a secure feeling when leaving their valuable things in the room. It is a nice thing to have it. We left our room to visit the beach at the night of our arrival. Lights and music filled the night aura of Seminyak.

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to experience Balinese massage. That should be for my next visit.

As a first timer in using the Online Travel Agencies, I was quite confused on different offers. The most confusing choices was the one for Tanjung Benoa for the water sports.

In picking a hotel room, I was not really careful when I picked the Grandmas’ hotel. I was just lured by the inexpensive budget without looking for the choices. I picked the one without breakfast. So, I missed the nice hotel’s breakfast (said the review hehehe…) Having breakfast in the hotel will be cheaper if we are new to Seminyak. The restaurant’s prices are quite expensive for my Indonesian pocket. In the morning, the street sellers on the beach only sell drink and mostly beers.

Probably Kuta is a better destination for Indonesian backpacker. Yet, the beach in Seminyak is nice and has the serenity that I long for. If we are courageous enough to take a long distance walk, we can reach Kuta. I went up the coastal line to Legian. It was not very far for me, but my son did not like the idea of keep going on to Kuta.


It is a nice thing to have the taxi and tour service written like this. I took this picture because of the Trip Advisor sign (photo: Retty)

Bali tourism seemed to put a very high value for the review from the Trip Advisors. This thought was confirmed when, back in Serpong, I received a thank you email from MaxOne Jimbaran’s Front Office Manager. Beside thanking me for picking the hotel, he forwarded his hope that I will give my review in Trip Advisors. I received the email just after I uploaded my first blog post mentioning the hotels. What a coincidence….

Yes, MaxOne Jimbaran was my last destination in Bali. After being undecided between going to Tanjung Benoa or Jimbaran, I picked Jimbaran as my last host before departing back to Jakarta.



It seemed to be a nice and quiet place to start your surfing lesson (photo:Retty)







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