Monkey Forest hid natural treasure inside the forest (photo: Retty)

One thing that I loved the most from my journey to Bali was the forest. I remember a friend in France asked me to visit a small forest near her house. I was astounded to see the trees that she was proudly claiming as a forest. It was even far from the Indonesian’s Bogor Botanical Garden. Imagine…we call such a huge place with lots of trees as a garden!

When I arrived in Bali, I was a bit hesitated on visiting the Monkey Forest. I do not really like monkeys. I experienced meeting monkeys that acted ferociously at Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve.

The area of the Monkey Forest in Ubud is around 12.5 hectare land. From the internet, I found out that it has around 650 monkeys of long-tailed macaque (macaca fascicularis) and around 186 types of trees.

monkey forestbaru

Tourists taking picture from the bridge, in the middle of the roots (photo: Retty)

When I walked outside the Monkey Forest, I can already see those monkeys with their various actions. From the outside, it was not really seen as an interesting place to venture (for a city folk like me hehehe…). Yet, once I was inside the Monkey Forest and exploring more into the forest, I was really attracted to the beauty of mother nature. This is a small part of the Indonesian forest!

I met another wonderful place with natural forestry style in the Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah), near Ubud. The Elephant Cave is a carved Balinese relief on the rocks that was built and used as a sanctuary in the 9th century.


The beauty of the “forest” in Goa Gajah (photo: Retty)

I imagined that long time ago, when it was still used as a sanctuary, it was situated inside the forest to help providing the serene environment for those who meditate inside the cave.

I was really impressed by the forest. In the middle of the hectic Bali, the island of gods that is already transformed into an island for tourism business, these places gave me an insight of the forest and the serenity of Mother Nature.


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