IMG_20160418_184808_hdrTravelling for the watersport would be much fun with my twins, so I postponed the visit to Tanjung Benoa. Instead, I chose Jimbaran as my destination to spend my last night in Bali.

I took MaxOne Hotel Bukit Jimbaran because of its Skymax pool. It promotes the chance to experience sunset from its specially designed pool; a kind of an infinity edge pool. Yet, limited by time I spent my last sunset at Uluwatu.

It was actually my first schedule to enjoy sunset in Bali. On my first day, my focus was more to the bride and the bridegroom than to the sunset. The second day, I prioritized attending the Sunday mass at a Catholic Church in Kuta.

I had time to visit Pantai Pandawa, and I enjoyed seeing the Kecak Dance in Uluwatu during the sunset. We did not do much, as my son and I were probably a bit dehydrated after our long beach walk from Seminyak to Legian that morning.

We also had a story with the Uluwatu’s monkeys, but I will share the story later.

It turned out that waiting for the sunrise in Skymax was also a great moment. I think it will also be great for the sunset.

The hotel staffs were kind and helpful. The breakfast was great. The hotel prepared breakfast for both the Asian and European taste. I even took my late lunch at the hotel after checking out. The price is reasonable and the taste is good.

My other reason to book in MaxOne is its closeness to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. There were comments from friends that it was not worth visiting. Yet, I am too curious to know what was going on in this unfinished project.

If my prediction for Seminyak was great, this time I did not predict that MaxOne is located on a hill. So, it is still in a walking distance, but a bit hard on going back as we need to go uphill.

The hotel is actually provided a free shuttle bus to bring their guests to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Unfortunately, during my visit, the bus was not available. Instead, the hotel staff helped me by renting us a motorcycle with helmets. The rent is Rp. 70.000,-/day, a bit expensive for Bali’s rate. One important lesson was to check the condition of the motorcycle before using it. My son said that the brake was not in a good condition. It was not a problem since we did not go farther than GWK.

There were taxis waiting in front of the hotel, but the hotel staff said that those taxi will charge a flat rate, at the minimum charge of Rp. 70.000,-  “To go to the airport will charge you a flat rate of Rp. 100.000,-,” explained a lady from the front office.  I am not accustomed to bargaining, and I prefer to use a taxi that uses its meter. Even tough the lady from the hotel tried to convince me that using the taxi pool is cheaper and quicker, I ended up calling Blue Bird. I felt safer. And it turned out that the taxi came not long after I called, and the cost is almost the same (including a stop over in the famous shop Krisna on our way to the airport).

The transportation is probably the main problem in Bali. No problem if you do have money, or have the guts to rent a car or motorcycle and drive it yourself. No wonder if there are some announcements forbidding  Grab taxi and Uber taxi to enter certain areas. The conventional cab felt that their customers might be taken by those new application based service. Yet, if the taxi drivers do not change their attitude on charging their customer without using their meter, they will lose their customers in the long run. It is a universal problem anyway, they do have the same problem in Malaysia, in Thailand, in the Philippines.


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