I have written some thoughts for MaxOne Hotel in my post about Seminyak and Jimbaran. Yet, I love the detailed aspect of design that I encountered in MaxOne Bukit Jimbaran.

While writing my blogposts here, I googled to make link, and….voila…I met Max. I mean I get to know the name of the man in the elevator.

So, the figure which often made me felt that someone was watching me in the hall is Max. He is always in the elevator, greeting guests with his broad smile and his surfing board. There were probably other figures around the hotel, but his presence in the elevator is the most memorable one.

Being absence from the architectural work did not kill my desire to appreciate good design.

The nicest element of design that I found in my MaxOne room is the green table lamp. The designer cleverly plays with lighting in the room. It brought the feeling of entering a cozy and expensive hotel.

In Ubud Wana Resort, the sign for room service is using an electronic sign. It helps to avoid mistakes made by irresponsible person (or probably curious kids) who can change or take away the hanging sign from the door. Grandmas Seminyak is still using the old fashioned hanging card, but MaxOne is in between. It uses a permanent sign attached on the door that guest can change to show their need or expressions to the hotel staff.

I love the idea of making the expression or the communication remark as a part of the accent for the door.

Our room number is also easily seen at night because of the floor lamp showing our room number in front of the door. That’s another genial aspect of design.

Small aspects are counted and communicated. This sign for the Moslem’s praying direction is easily seen without ruining the aesthetics of the room. So does the existence of the hangers. Even without a cupboard, it provides hangers for our needs.

The only thing that I missed here is the safety box.

Every detailed was communicated through a friendly notice. It has a friendly reminder about being eco-friendly, or a reminder to be careful on the balcony.

There was a note about two types of pillow, but I did not really care about my pillows as I was more used to bolsters than pillows (how typically Indonesian…hehehe…)

MaxOne is really branding their name. They provide sandals with unique design, bottled water, or even the telephone…all contain its branding.

They do claim that the earlier you book, the cheaper you get the price. In another piece of its promotion, it is also stated that it is a hotel for everyone. I think it is what they are trying to do…especially in a low season. They did not lower their service for a special rate.

MaxOne is not only promoting its hotel for travelers, it also promotes its Skymax pool and its restaurant. I like the way they put their menu in the hotel room. It helps when a guest need to leisurely take lunch or dinner in their room. A budget hotel with a real hotel experience!

I adore the Skymax. I wake up early to see the sunrise from Skymax. It presented a magnificent sunrise with the beautiful scenery of the city and the sea.

I was a bit amazed that this hotel can be built higher than four floors, as I knew that Bali used to have a certain cultural rules about the height of a building. My taxi driver explained that some company used to deal with the height of the building by using basement and mezzanine as their way to deal with regulation.

I think I need more time to spend in this hotel to really enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset, to enjoy the swimming pool and the spa, and to venture more into other destination in Bali. I do love meeting Max in Bali. Perhaps his other hotels are as nice as this one…









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