I love seeing cloudy sky. Nancy Thanki challenged readers to Look Up in her post for the Daily Post. Then, I remember photos of the exotic sunrise which I took in Bali. Sunrise and sunset in Bali was magnificent! Yet, I love to take pictures of the cloudy sky.

20160419_050100 (1)

Since my childhood, the sky with its changing form of clouds is like a canvas with a never ending story. Just let my imagination made a story, and it went on and on.



When I’d like to see the beach, sometimes I can see it in the sky. In a moment, the sky can be the mountain. It can also be the thick rainforest…it’s really up to your imagination!

No words can ever express the tranquility of the moment when I took these photos. Magical morning, whispering winds, morning greetings from the birds, and stories of the shadow puppets played on the changing canvas of the Creator.


And suddenly, when all the glorious entrance of the sun faded away…I can see a small thing on the sky. Looks like a bird. A big bird. Actually, an iron bird…an aeroplane that looks so small in the middle of those great canvas of the Lord.

20160419_053354_001 (1)



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