Uluwatu’s monkey seemed to be ignorant while they actually eyeing to your belongings

I am not very fond of meeting monkeys. Yet, you can not go to Bali without meeting monkeys. There are Sangeh, the Monkey Forest in Ubud, or even in the Uluwatu Temple. I was not aware of the existence of monkeys in the Uluwatu Temple. When I arrived I heard the announcement to be careful with the monkeys, but I did not see any monkey until I came to the higher part of the temple.I alarmed my eldest son about his sunglasses and his hat. He went on as if he was not listening to me. Typically teenager…he felt smarter than his mom!

He was using a red hat and a dark sunglasses. He was not really using his sunglasses. He actually put it on his hat. To me, that’s a good target for the monkey. I was busy looking at him and also taking pictures. I used my cellphone as I was a bit afraid of using my camera in front of these monkeys.

The monkeys seemed to be ignorant. Some tourists seemed alarmed of these monkeys while some were only taking the announcement as formality. I thought I was already being cautious. Suddenly, a shadow went over my shoulder and took away my glasses. Oh my God….while I was afraid of my son’s glasses and hat, the monkey took my own glasses. I thought my reading glasses is not a fancy one. Yet, this monkey had examined his target. Probably I was the one whose not being protective.


That naughty monkey is holding my glasses, while the tamer gives food as his bribery

A man, the tamer, came to rescue me. He tried to bribe the monkey with some food. Thinking that it would be a good story for my blog, I tried to take his picture bribing the monkey. At the same moment, another monkey came up to my son’s head and took his glasses. I tried to take it back, but the monkey grinned and showed me his fangs. I turned to the tamer helplessly….”Sir, that one took my son’s glasses…”

I don’t know why among all the visitors around me, they have chosen to take my glasses and my son’s sunglasses. I wonder if it was related to the accident with the offerings that happened in the morning. Being Indonesian, sometimes I am also being superstitious. I grew up with lots of myths and legends, and sometimes I could not help wondering through a superstitious point of view.

Luckily, we got back both glasses. We were really thankful to the tamer. I was a bit shaking. Yet, later on, as I enjoyed the kecak dance and the beautiful sunset, I totally forgot my fear.


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