monkey 1Intrigued by the Weekly Photo Challenge Details, I remember these pictures. I saw this monkeys in the Monkey Forest, Bali. At first, I was not aware of the red things in that big monkey’s chest. I thought it was a stolen red purse or some food. Coming closer, as Jen H. quoted Robert Capa: “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Camera can help me come closer without really come nearer to the monkeys. To my astonishment, it was her infant baby with large open wound on his head.

poor monkey3

Afraid of the naughty monkeys, I came in the afternoon. That’s a better timing said uncle google. The monkeys were fed already by the morning visitors. When they are still hungry, they can make problems. Remember my story about the Sneaky Monkey?

poor monkey2

These monkeys are naughty. But how did this small little one got such an injury was not really clear to me. Bumped his head? Or someone did it? I was not sure. The monkey where he clung on is surely his mother. She will grin ferociously showing her fangs, scaring people from coming closer to her.poor monkey4

Perhaps these pictures are not taken close enough, I took it using my cellphone camera. That wound is a detail that I would not dare to look at. I pitied that small creature. I took these photos to look at other details, namely the motherly love, the sharing and caring of each other. I saw how other monkeys were fighting over food, but these monkeys (perhaps a family?) stick together sharing food and caring for the injured one.



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