pendet3This is actually not my first post in this blog. But I’m attending the Blogging University from WordPress.com, and I’d like to do all the assignments well. This one is my first assignment. So, who am I? Why am I blog in wordpress? This is a part of my self exploration as a blogger and as a citizen reporter.

My full name is my Catholic name; Maria Margaretta Vivijanti, but I usually use my nickname in blogging. So people knew Retty or Retty N. Hakim better than my real name. I live with my husband and my three sons in the satellite city of Jakarta, Indonesia. My sons are teenagers. The eldest is now 18 years old, and the twins will be 14 years old.

I started blogging in 2006 by making a religious reflection blog “Journey to His words“. It was a personal blog, but it was open for readers. Then I started another blog to cater my quest as a blogger and a citizen reporter; Buah Pena. I still have several blogs, including those in the citizen journalism websites like wikimu.com, OhmyNews International (OMNI), Kompasiana, etc.

Unfortunately Wikimu and OMNI were not getting the support to continue their websites. I even lost all my posts in wikimu as the management bid good bye to citizen journalism.As I am writing this, I just realized that I have also lost all my posts in the old OhmyNews International. So sad…

I did not make archives as I thought of all my posts as sharing moments. Yet, it would be nice to have them as a collection of my thoughts and works as a citizen reporter.

Yet, as a sharing tool, I am now happy that some websites did copied my postings (of course without eliminating my name as the writer and the source of the article). I am thankful that they appreciated my two cents.

I was not the one who initiated my first blog in wordpress. It was a Brazilian friend from OMNI. We met in the international citizen reporter forum in Seoul, and after the closing of the old OMNI we felt that we would like to make a reunion. It did not work well. You can see it here. I don’t know why it was not working. Probably because we all have our own agenda.

Then I helped my mom to blog. I also heard from others that wordpress made better connection with other bloggers. Most importantly, I love the variety of templates.

So, here I am blogging in wordpress. I named this blog Retty’s Life Journey as I would like to cover all my thoughts here. My reflections (even religious one), my opinion, my passion, etc. One thing that I am not yet convinced, yet tempted, is to include my family life here.

I found the daily prompt and weekly photo challenge as the interesting aspects of wordpress. Then, I found out about the Blogging University. As a curious person, I’d like to know if I did my steps correctly. Yet, I already stumbled on my first move. I did not really introduce myself. My first post was only introducing my reason to open this blog. As I said earlier, I am not yet sure about opening all aspects of my personal life here.

I also have problems with this ‘all in a bowl’ style. Firstly, I am not specific. But, who cares? This is my personal blog, isn’t it? Secondly, readers can be confused as I write as my mood directed me. Some in English, some in Indonesian. Perhaps, later I can also try my French… In my old blogs, people seemed to be reluctant to follow a blog that is not really specific, especially if the language used in each post is not always the same.  What do you think about it? Is it good? Or, will it drive readers away?


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